Why WhatisthePlant

6 years AI experience in plant identification

This project was inspired by the amazing iNaturalist team that trained machine learning models for the plant, animals identification in photos. We improve the identification process and results by using CNN technology and the collection of more than one hundred thousands plant photos.

  • Advanced AI Plant detection classifier
  • One hundred thousand training dataset
  • Detailed information about the plant
  • Taxonomy, species, common name and scientific name
  • Super fast for plant identification and easy to use
  • Collect authoritative information from WFO, POWO and WIKIPEDIA
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About Us

We use AI technology to make things different

WhatisthePlant is a AI Plant Identifier online tool and our development team is located in Hong Kong. We all have years experience in AI technology. We bring this great plant identifier tool and let you make it simple to discover 10,000+ Plant Species, just like a total plant & gardening expert.
Go ahead and access to our huge growing database of plants. Get all significant information you need to know about these plants.

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